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Terms and conditions


These general conditions of sale (hereinafter the "Contract") of the site (the "Site") are concluded between,

1. on the one hand,
The Seller and the Customer are respectively referred to as the "Party" and jointly referred to as the "Parties" within the meaning of this Agreement.

The Parties agree that their relations relating to the preparation, conclusion and execution of an Order are governed by the Contract subscribed by the Customer on the Site at the time of the said Order and by the Conditions of Use of the Site applicable during The Order and which together with this Contract constitute an indivisible contractual arrangement governing relations between the Parties, to the exclusion of any other version of contractual terms previously available on the Site. If any matter necessary for the performance or interpretation of this Agreement is not expressly set forth in this Agreement, it shall be deemed to be governed by the rules and practices applicable to distance selling companies whose registered office is established in France.

• ARTICLE 1. Purpose, applicable law and territories
• ARTICLE 2. Ordering
• ARTICLE 3. Description of products and applicable tariffs
• ARTICLE 4. Methods of payment
• ARTICLE 5. Delivery
• ARTICLE 6. Guarantees
• ARTICLE 7. Liability

ARTICLE 1. Purpose, applicable law and territories

1.1. Object

The purpose of this Contract is to define the terms and conditions of sale between the Seller and the Customer of products or services marketed by the Seller on the Site. The Contract governs the conditions of conclusion, payment, tracking and delivery of Orders and, where applicable, guarantees and withdrawal of Orders, under the conditions set by the Contract and by the law applicable to the Contract. Amend the Agreement at any time. The modification of the Contract enters into force as soon as it is put on line on the Site. Consequently, the applicable Contract between the Parties is that which is on line when an Order is placed by the Customer and which has been accepted by the Customer at the time of its Order.

1.2. Applicable Law, Competent Jurisdictions and Language of Contract

The Site, the Contract and the Orders made via the Site and their execution are governed by the French law of the place of permanent establishment of the Seller and the operation of the Site. Any dispute relating to the interpretation or performance of the Contract shall be determined in accordance with French law and shall be within the jurisdiction of the court of the place of domicile of the defendant or, at the option of the defendant, the place of actual delivery of the product. Contract is available on the Site in French and English. In the event of any inconsistency between the French version and the other versions of the Contract or the interpretation of the terms of the Contract, the Parties agree that the French version of the Contract shall prevail.

1.3. Territories

Orders that may be made on the Site may be validly concluded only between the Seller and a Customer resident in one of the following territories, in which the Order may be invoiced and delivered: European Union (27 countries), Switzerland , USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia. If the Customer resides outside the order and delivery areas mentioned above, he can not validly place an Order via the Site.

ARTICLE 2. Ordering

2.1. Acceptance of the Contract by the Client

Any Order made on the Site requires prior consultation and acceptance of the Contract by the Customer, who may save or print the Contract applicable to his Order. When the Customer wishes to finalize his Order, he can print a summary statement of his Order.

2.2. Acceptance of the Order by the Seller

The Seller will be able to satisfy the Orders received via the Site from a Customer residing in one of the territories listed in article 1.3 above and for a delivery in the territory of residence of the Customer, of a maximum amount By Order of 1500 Euros (EUR). After receipt by the Seller of the Order placed by the Customer, the Seller will notify the Client of a detailed acknowledgment of receipt of the Customer's Order, specifying the amount invoiced (inclusive of all applicable taxes, amount of VAT and amount and terms of delivery of the order). This acknowledgment of receipt constitutes acceptance by the Seller of the Order placed by the Customer.â € ¨The products and prices of these products are valid for the placing of an Order by the Customer as long as they are visible on the Site During the placing of an Order by the Customer, within the limit of available stocks. Â € "In the absence of availability of a product or service after an Order is placed by the Customer, the Seller undertakes to inform the Customer by e-mail. If applicable, the amount of the Order will be recalculated and the Customer will be reimbursed for the value of the products not available. If the Order placed by the Customer is completely unavailable, the Customer will be notified by e-mail that his order is canceled and will be refunded the full amount of the order. The cancellation by the Seller of the Order placed by the Customer will not be entitled to any compensation from the Customer related to the unavailability of the products or services constituting his Order. In this case, the Customer may re-order a new Order of products available on the Site.

ARTICLE 3. Description of products and applicable tariffs

3.1. Product Description

The User may, prior to an Order, take notice on the Site of the essential characteristics of the product (s) he wishes to order. However, the photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products offered for sale on the Site are provided for information purposes only and are not contractually binding.

3.2. Applicable Rates

Any Order shall constitute acceptance by the Customer of the prices and descriptions of the products and services offered for sale on the Site. The prices listed next to each product offered for sale are expressed in Euros (€), all taxes included, excluding preparation and delivery costs of the Order. The prices include the value added tax (VAT) in force on the day of the Order in the territory of residence of the Customer and delivery of the Order. The Seller is free to modify the sale price of its products and services at any time. If one or more compulsory taxes or contributions were to be created or modified, either up or down, this change may be passed on to the selling price of the products present on the Seller's Website. "However, the Seller undertakes To apply to the Customer the tariffs and taxes that were indicated to the Customer when validating his Order. In addition, the Client is informed of the costs of preparation and delivery of his Order when consulting his shopping cart and during his Order.

3.3. Discount Offers

Offers, codes and coupons (hereinafter the "Reductions") are valid only for the period of validity of the offer concerned and within the limits of the products and stocks available. The Reductions can not be converted into an amount that is refundable or payable to the Customer. Reductions may only be used by the Customer concerned and are not transferable to a third party. They are deducted from the amount of all taxes included in the Order, excluding the costs of preparation and delivery of the Order. Unless otherwise provided in a Special Reduction Offer, the Reductions are not cumulative with each other when placing an Order. "When the Customer indicates on the Site several Reductions simultaneously, it will not be able to benefit, for the same Order, from the Reduction which is the highest amount.

ARTICLE 4. Payment

4.1. Currencies Payment

Controls payment currency is the Euro (EUR) for the territories listed in section 1.3 above from the European Union. For Australia and New Zealand currency Commands is the Australian Dollar (AUD). For all countries listed in section 1.3 with the exception of the countries mentioned above in this article the currency of controls is the United States Dollar (USD).

4.2.1 Information processed by the Seller

The Customer warrants to Seller that it has the required permission to use the payment method he chose at its command. The validation of the order is subject to validation of the bank payment center chosen by the Seller. In case of refusal of the bank, the order is not finalized and is canceled. As part of the fight against Internet fraud, information about the Order and Customer payment means can be transmitted by Seller to any third party for vérifications.â € ¨The Seller, together with the bank providing management of electronic payments, checks all orders that have been validated on the Site. Thus, any control that has a different delivery address of the Customer billing address can be verified by the Seller. In this context, the Seller may have to ask the customer for information and documents required for the execution of the order: home supporting the Client and / or the person indicated for the delivery address, proof of bank details client, etc. These requests are made to the Customer by email or by telephone.The bank account attached to the payment method used by the Customer will be debited from the finalization of the order made by the Customer on the Site. Seller may suspend or cancel any order and / or delivery, whatever its nature and its implementation status, in case of non payment of any sum payable by the Customer or in case of payment incident. Subsequently, any new Order by the Customer may be refused or delivery Customer may be suspended in case of delay or non-payment, total or partial, of a previous order placed by the Customer. The Customer will be notified by the Seller.

ARTICLE 6. Guarantees

Products sold through the Site may be exchanged or reimbursed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the law applicable to the Contract, with the exception of products that have been customized at the customer's request.

ARTICLE 7. Liability

The Seller can not be held liable in the event that the non-performance of its obligations is attributable to a case of force majeure as defined by law and by the French courts. Similarly, the Seller can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage related to the use of the Internet, including interruption of the availability of the Site, a breach of service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, Loss or alteration of data or files, or for consequential damages, regardless of the causes and consequences.

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